Way Back Wednesday – Orc Party

I think it’s Wednesday. I thought I might continue adding to the content on my new site and also keep it fun and frivolous. Therefore, I hereby introduce Way Back Wednesday, where I shall post an older piece of erotica.

This one I painted sometime last year. You can see there are parts where the details shine, but there will still quite a few sloppy areas that were lacking finesse… Enjoy!


Brynhild – dwarven shindig!

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but occasionally I have bouts where I get totally hot for fantasy dwarven females (dwarves in general are just fricken’ awesome anyway).

This morning, Brynhild popped into my head. She’s a feisty, burly dwarf warrior lass who likes her ale and wenches a bit too much, when she’s not kneecapping ogres.

So I swapped her hammers for ale tankards, and did this very rough iPad sketch of her mounted on a table, partying hard whilst a couple horny night elven ladies of negotiable affection sample the syrupy strands of cum still leaking from her obese cockslab.. Enjoy!


Comic idea

So, random comic idea: my signature black dickgirl amazon, Aezere, and the steamy goings on in her sexy, jungle amazon tribe. Can mix in some pseudo-historical stuff, have her fight or fuck some revamped Classical Greek women heroines and villains. Kinda like Xena but black and with more dick…

(Note to self: draw dickgirl Xena fucking Gabriel)

But, how to reconcile that with my desire to also make a sci-fi series? Hmm.. Maybe I’ll just have to do spinoffs.


I thought I’d share something personal with you all; tattoos. Millions have them, and I have two. Here’s one of them. Phone-cam quality, and it’s rather old. About twenty years old, to be more or less precise..

Feel free to share your tattoos or views on bodyart in the comments section!