From the sketch book: Brynheld Page 2

As I said, I don’t believe in getting sick. So here I am, strong as a virile, well hung ox once again to bring you more erotica!

So far I have about three pages sketched out for the Brynheld comic (that I might even finish some day!), and today, I bring you page 2, which will also act as the front cover – just not in the usual order..


Le sick..

Hey folks! Sorry it’s been quiet here the last few days. I contracted a little flu over the weekend. I don’t really ‘do’ sickness though, and believe in mind over matter. So I spent today sleeping and sweating out.

I’ll be back to posting more hot futa action this week!

From the sketchbook: Brynheld comic teaser

For those of you have been following my recent updates, I have had this crazy urge to both roleplay and draw a brazen, dickgirl dwarf adventuress, Brynheld.

Today, I present a little teaser sketch of what might become her first comic-style adventure, tentatively entitled, Priestess Peril.


From the sketchbook: alien heads

One thing I used to love doing when I was younger was designing new and alien races. Also, I’ve been on a huge Star Trek kick lately (yeah, I’m a massive Trekker at heart, and I own both the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, and all manner of Klingon books) so I started sketching alien humanoid heads. Space Elves maybe?

These heads actually began from a shape I had in mind for ears, and it all stemmed from there, into thinking about what shape the rest of the faces and features might take. To turn the fantastical into a semblance of functional real..


Lazy weekend & hiking

Not much happening in the way of art this weekend. I’m working on a few non-erotic things, such as a project for fitness brand clothing with my designs on them, and some upcoming book cover releases.

So in lieu of working this weekend, I’m off hiking with my girlfriend tomorrow. Forests, snow, Finnish winter wonderlands, and no doubt some burnt sausage at the end..

For anyone who’s listening out there, have a great weekend!