Commission Guidelines & Prices:
My prices are set, but negotiable, and all work includes consultation and customer satisfaction. Though I strongly believe that a person should be paid for the work they do, I am also more about making sure my fans and customers get the kind of image they really want. So talk to me first, and see what is available.
Pencil sketch with/without single tone colouring – €20 – EXAMPLE

This will get you 1-3 characters, sketched format, with even some rudimentary base colouring (akin to a watercolour wash).
Comic Style/Rough Paint – €40 – EXAMPLE

This includes comic book style art scenes, speed paints, and anything that isn’t really a full-on painting, but limited to a nice single character image, or speed art scene. Basically, one step down from the following:
The Almost Best Stuff – €60 – EXAMPLE
For 60 of your hard-earned smackers, you will get something in the style of the ‘San’Kraa Sammich’ picture in my gallery here. Semi-rough, stylised, comic-ish, but painterly. This level also includes fully painted single character images.
Full Digital Painting – €150+ – EXAMPLE
Check the other four images in my gallery here. Those are all full digital paintings. Of course, 150+ euros/dollars is a lot of money. But a full painting can often be a few weeks of work for me. Also, at this level of commission, you will receive updates and continuous consultation, as well as the original sketches (if any).

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