How does the commission process work?
The most important part of a commission is that you, the client, ends up with an image you’re happy with. Below is a rough guideline for quality levels and associated prices, but first up, what information is useful to ensure a good result:

  • A description of the desired image: this can be as simple or as detailed as you want. Some folks prefer to give a rough description, and then let me inject my own artistic interpretation. Some have a very specific image, pose, and details in mind.
  • Reference images: these can be screenshots from in-game, or other images and photos from the internet.
  • Be clear where possible: if you have specific details or demands, try to explain them as clearly as possible (references help for this).

Pricing & Examples

Fully Painted – EUR/USD 100+

This is the highest quality available, and also takes the longest (painting time can be a few days to a couple weeks, depending on real life schedules).
The price listed above is for a single character and basic (or no) background. More detailed backgrounds, extra characters and scenes cost more, and will be negotiated during the initial consultation.

Comic Style, Coloured – EUR/USD 100

One level down from painted, this level includes ‘concept painting’ and inked and colour comic book or anime style. The kind of stuff you’d see on the cover of a graphic novel.

Comic Style, Inked – EUR/USD 40

This level includes b/w ink illustrations, but also simpler colour images, like sketches with a colour wash.

Sketch – EUR/USD 20

The cheapest option, but sometimes all you really need is a doodle, sketch, or rough image to represent your character. Quality is still awesome!